For Businesses
Do you need to reach more parents to register more children in your classes and add more classes to help your business grow?? Grovvup is the solution for you. Grovvup provides a revolutionary way of doing business. It has innovative business tools for your business to be more targeted in catering to parents needs to retain and gain new students, track results, provide resources to help you grow and engage parents.
  • Stay engaged with your customers
  • Know what your customers talk about
  • Aquire customers more cost effective
  • Analytics that help you grow
For Parents
Are you trying to find the best suited and qualified activities within your area for your children? Grovvup has all the area schools, sports, dance, music, art and supplemental educational classes. After utilizing our resources and found your child’s activity all you have to do is contact the business and register. Grovvup is one interactive platform at your fingertips to search and find the right activity for all your children.
  • Find best local service providers, find and create events
  • Connect to local parents
  • Help other parents by rating local businesses
  • Stay engaged with your child's interests
Platform for child related community organizations and businesses to manage and foster relationships with their customers